TAB Welcomes: Josh Sunshine

I’d like to begin by telling you that there isn’t a single thing I haven’t heard said about my name. So, that said, here’s what you’d find written if I had a Wikipedia page:

  • Yes, I do look small in that photo. That’s because I’m only 16 (and the photo has been resized).
  • In regard to #1, I know more than you might expect about computing*.
  • I write from my house which is tucked away in the South-East corner of England, so expect posts which seem to have been written in the middle of the night.
  • This is my first proper move into the world of tech writing, so I dare say you’ve never heard of me before.
  • I first switched in 2007 with the receipt of my 20″ iMac, which I still have today.
  • If you visited me, you’d find the iMac, a late-2008 MacBook, two iPhone 3GSs and two iPod touches (2nd generation).

I’m joining TheAppleBlog as the newest How-To and tutorial writer. Look out for my series of ‘Quick Tips’ which will hopefully teach you something useful in a short amount of time. I’m open to feedback, argument, insult etc. in the comments area of my posts, so chatter away.

If you have trouble sleeping at night, try reading my stream of dullness that is @jobbogamer on Twitter.

* Contrary to popular belief, not all teenagers sit on MSN and Facebook all day long.