Grazia Does 3D, Augmented Reality Issue

By John Plunkett: Bauer Media’s women’s fashion glossy Grazia will jump on the 3D bandwagon today with an augmented reality issue featuring Florence and the Machine singing and dancing on the front cover.

The “walk-in, talking Grazia” will feature augmented reality (AR) codes throughout the issue, activated by holding the magazine up to a webcam or iPhone.

As well as a virtual performance by Florence and the Machine singing You’ve Got the Love, it will offer readers a 360- degree view of the latest spring fashion trends. Grazia’s editor-in-chief, Jane Bruton, described the effect as “stunning”.

The issue was created by Bauer and the interactive creative agency Wardenclyffe. The magazine is offering readers a guide to the new technology at

An iPhone app will unlock further special features, including the ability to “spin Florence around by blowing into your iPhone and take a picture of her in any location”, said Bauer.

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