First Look at Dropbox’s Android Client

It’s raining cloud applications on mobile devices these days. Last week, ZumoDrive landed on both the Android and webOS (s palm) platforms and now the Dropbox folks are showing off screen shots of their client for Android. We heard this was coming back in February and I was so excited last night that I inadvertently tweeted that the software was available. When I calmed down, I realized this is just a sneak peek and the app arrives on Android phones “within the next couple of months.” But I like what I see so far.

The sample shots shown are from the high resolution display found on the Motorola Droid (s mot) and Dropbox is making good use of the screen size. All of a user’s folders and files appear in a hierarchical listing — tapping opens folders or files, while a long-press offers up contextual menu options: open, add to favorites, copy a link to the file or send a link to the file.

The application natively supports a file upload option, but it also takes advantage of the software integration that permeates Android. When taking a picture, for example, hitting the Share button in Android (s goog) offers a choice of sharing services. Once installed, Dropbox is one of those choices, joining other native and third-party services like Facebook, various Twitter clients, photo sharing sites and more. And like the iPhone (s aapl) version, the Android client will support audio and video streaming, so you don’t have to carry around your entire media collection. Of course, if you want to tote your tunes, you might need one of these 32 GB microSD cards for your Android phone. I think I’ll stick with my 16 GB of storage and rely on the cloud.

Images courtesy of Dropbox

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