ExtendMedia Extends TV Everywhere to New Screens

ExtendMedia has added new functionality to its white-label video management and distribution platform, enabling media companies to deliver their TV Everywhere services beyond the PC to new screens. With the latest update to its OpenCASE software platform, ExtendMedia supports video distribution to mobile devices, game platforms, set-top boxes, and even Internet-connected HDTVs.

The news comes as media companies have begun to think about extending TV Everywhere services — which enables users to view on demand videos from cable networks that they’ve paid to subscribe to — beyond their PCs to viewing those videos on other connected devices. The software update drastically expands support for multiple mobile platforms and devices, allowing publishers to easily send their video assets to iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Blackberry mobile phones. The update also enables easy distribution to the Sony PlayStation 3 gaming console, as well as set-top boxes and connected TVs that use Oregan’s Onyx or Yahoo’s (s YHOO) TV Widgets framework for displaying web video.

ExtendMedia’s update follows similar moves by Brightcove and thePlatform (s CMCSA), both of which have recently added new features to their own video distribution platforms in order to support TV Everywhere services. Brightcove added TV Everywhere support through the recent release of a service pack designed to target cable and broadcast networks looking to move their video assets online. And thePlatform recently updated its TV Everywhere platform and added new social sharing features and connected device profiles.

ExtendMedia already has some customers who use its platform for their TV Everywhere deployments, including Canadian ISP Bell and Rogers, as well as Poland’s Onet.pl.

CORRECTION: Rogers is a client of thePlatform.

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