Koldcast Teams up with Boxee

Boxee users now have direct access to Streamy Award-nominated shows like Anyone But Me and Blue Movies, thanks to an official Koldcast TV app for Boxee that was unveiled today. The app, which was just announced on Boxee’s blog, offers access to all of Koldcast’s programming in 720p HD video. Koldcast informed us that the app is also going to be pre-installed on D-Link’s Boxee Box, which is expected to launch within the next three months.

Koldcast TV has been making a name for itself by funding and distributing a number of high-profile web series, and the company revealed last summer that it was going to launch its own studio to produce even more original programming. Koldcast’s web site also mentions the company’s intentions to launch a channel on the Roku box soon.

Boxee is increasingly looking bolster its content library through partnerships with web video makers. The company announced a deal for Will Ferrel’s Funny or Die outlet earlier this month, and its expected to launch a payment system that could enable smaller producers to monetize premium content through Boxee some time this summer.

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