CBS Video Content Coming to the iPad Via HTML5?

Apple’s iPad is now only a matter of days away and in preparation for the device’s arrival, major U.S. television network CBS is preparing its website to cater for the tablet’s needs.

Keen eyed Apple bloggers spotted the change on the CBS website earlier this week, noting a number of “iPad test” links on various video content including the likes of CSI and The Young & Reckless. When clicked in a browser, these links navigate to just the normal flash version of the selected video. However, if the website is visited via an iPad, or an SDK iPad Simulator, the viewer is presented with an HTML5 version of the video page.

[related-posts topic=”ipad”] CBS’ experimental HTML5 pages do not currently have functional video, but the pages’ source code details several other HTML5 elements, including a full-screen mode. Despite the experimentally nature of CBS’ efforts the move hints that more mainstream content providers are beginning to adapt their content to work on as many devices as possible, including Apple’s iPad which controversially does not support Adobe’s Flash.

The use of HTML5 comes after Steve Jobs personally spoke out against Flash, and following the positive estimates as to how the iPad will sell it’s no surprise that major content providers are starting to make moves to accommodate Apple’s upcoming tablet.

Just how long it takes for all the major networks to play catch up and arrive on the iPad is unknown, but the sooner the better.