Facebook Tweaks Privacy Policy (Again) To Allow ‘Place’ Sharing

Facebook is paving the way for its forthcoming location-sharing feature with yet another update to its privacy policy. In a blog post, Facebook says — opaquely — it has “added the concept of a ‘place’ that could refer to a Page, such as one for a local restaurant” to the document. The new privacy policy refers to individuals providing information about “places” and also notes the possibility of friends tagging individuals in a “place” — but doesn’t offer any other clues.

Last time Facebook updated its privacy policy — in October — the company added language that would have let users include location info in their status updates. Facebook now says “we’ve got some new ideas that we think are even more exciting,” although it doesn’t describe them. A location-sharing feature of some sort, which will allow the social network to battle upstarts Gowalla and Foursquare, is widely expected to launch in late April.