NewTeeVee: 5 Easy Ways to Convert Video for Phones

So you’re a movie buff who just can’t get enough of the big screen. You love movies so much you even want to carry them around and watch them on the small screen. Anyone who sets out to convert videos to a form that works well on a given phone knows you have to do your homework to get it done right. Our friends at NewTeeVee have your back and have rounded up 5 easy ways to convert videos for phones.

Using the tools they cover you can take just about any format video and optimally convert it for whatever phone you have. Most of the tools can produce video for watching on Android (s goog) phones, BlackBerries (s rimm) and iPhones (s aapl). Heck, these tools would also work for the Verizon (s vz) Nexus One if it would ever appear. Take a look and see if there’s something that will work for you. Just remember, don’t watch and drive.