iPad Mania Ramps Up Into Full iPad Frenzy

The world has been firmly in the throes of iPad mania for weeks, rivaling that of any gadget in memory. The amount of ink pixels dedicated to the iPad is nothing short of astounding, and it’s sure to ratchet up this week as the mania transforms into a full frenzy. With the new Apple slate due to hit consumer’s hands in just a week, you can bet these last few days will be nothing short of frenetic.

Reports are indicating that Apple has sold all units produced for the April 3rd launch. Apple (s aapl) is not sharing actual numbers but guesses have indicated 300,000 all the way to a million units have been sold. These sales were all by way of online orders and reservations for pickup on April 3rd. I fall in the latter category, so I’ll be hitting the Apple store early Saturday morning to pick up my reserved iPad.

Customers ordering an iPad are now getting a ship date of April 12 from Apple, so it is unlikely you can stroll into an Apple store on April 3 and buy one without having reserved one already.

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