Fake Steve Jobs on iPad: See It, Touch It, Buy It.

From the minute I saw the iPad, its transformative qualities were pretty obvious to me, though it has drawn its share of skeptics. One of them is Dan Lyons, a good pal of mine who pens a blog called The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs. Fake Steve’s day job is writing about technology for Newsweek. And now it seems he has finally changed his tune about the iPad, at least according to this article in the most recent issue of the newsweekly.

I got a chance to use an iPad, and it hit me: I want one. Right away I could see how I would use it. I’d keep it in the living room to check e-mail and browse the Web. I’d take it to the kitchen and read The New York Times while I eat breakfast. I’d bring it with me on a plane to watch movies and read books. That may not be life-changing, but is it worth 500 bucks? Yup. Done. Sold.

These comments are very different from those he made in this video interview about two months ago, at the iPad launch ceremony. I am betting that many iPad skeptics are going to have a similar positive reaction to the device.