Video Interview: Sweden’s Mobile Live Video Platform Bambuser

There’s a number of reasons why tech entrepreneurs from all over the world travel to the Valley. In the case of Bambuser co-founders Hans Eriksson and Jonas Vig, the weather may have added another incentive. Live streaming start-up Bambuser is located in Sweden’s capital Stockholm, and Vig and Eriksson told us a few horror stories about this year’s especially rough winter when they stopped by our office this week — before sitting down with us to tell us a little more about their company.

Bambuser, founded in 2007, is kind of like Sweden’s Ustream or The company is providing live streaming services, but has been focusing mostly on content captured by mobile devices, and Eriksson told us this week that Bambuser has a solid six-figure user base. Most of these users are surprisingly based in the U.S., but alliances with public broadcasters in Northern Europe have also helped to get many more users enthusiastic about consuming as well as producing live content. Check out the complete video interview below the jump.

Bambuser’s U.S.-based competition has in the past been plagued by copyright issues, with live streaming provider LiveStream recently alleging that competitors Ustream and allow “preventable content infringement” on their platforms for the sake of higher ad revenues.

However, all the big U.S.-based live streaming companies have also instituted technical measures against live TV piracy. Eriksson told me that this hasn’t been that much of an issue for Bambuser just yet, adding: “What’s good with the social media scene today is that it’s very self-regulating.” Users would usually flag infringing or inappropriate content, which would help a lot with policing Bambuser.


Vig and Eriksson told me that Bambuser is primarily looking at B2B to monetize their site. The company announced a deal to equip emergency personnel with live streaming technology earlier this week.

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