Mainstream Commenters Choose Yahoo Logins

When given a choice of login systems, visitors to mainstream media properties such as Slate, Forbes, Newsweek, Discovery, Time and Press Enterprise are most likely to choose Yahoo (s YHOO), according to data collected by commenting system Echo, which helps power such sites. Over three months of login data on Echo’s 10 publishers, 34 percent of users chose to login with Yahoo, 25 percent with Facebook Connect and 23 percent with Google (s GOOG) Friend Connect (found via paidContent). Twitter, which is only getting started with using its logins to authenticate around the web, had 10 percent, while the decentralized system OpenID had 7 percent.

This speaks to a long-term affiliation and trust for the Yahoo brand, as well as the fact that sites will have to integrate multiple login systems to accommodate different user preference. Chris Saad, VP of strategy for Echo, notes that some logins are actually OpenID or are powered by a combination of services, but he said the Echo data is based on the way it brands the services for users.

Yahoo itself is incorporating Facebook Connect and Twitter‘s @anywhere platform to enable two-way sharing, with the strategy of trying to be an aggregator for the social web. But other sites may want to think about including Yahoo logins as well in order to socially integrate a more mainstream audience.

I’d be interested to see how data from other login integrators compares, so if you have relevant stats, please get in touch with me or leave a comment.

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