Where Are the iPad Venture Funds? Oh Wait…Nevermind.

Less than four days to go before the second coming of, well, the tablet gods, just in time to save the newspaper and magazine industries. But where are the dedicated iPad venture funds, designed to help fuel the ecosystem about which they know nothing, having never played with an actual iPad? Oh wait, did I speak too fast? A few are already putting out feelers, or even putting up real money.
— YCombinator, that slap-dash of a venture fund (sorry, I mean seed fund), is unofficially looking for iPad startups.
AppFund has already launched, focused on “the development of Applications for Tablet devices such as the Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) iPad.” The fund has some known backers: CNET and E! founder Kevin Wendle and MusicNation co-founder Daniel Klaus. No word on how big the fund is (usually not a great sign), but they will invest anywhere from $5K to $500K.

— Then Vexiom Equity Partners, a VC firm I had never heard of before, announced a vFund, a “multi-million dollar fund to provide seed capital and expertise for launching iPad and other mobile tablet applications.” And they plan to one-up AppFund: they’ll invest between $10K to $1 million in startups.They were so excited about the opportunity that they misspelled their company URL in the release.
— Across the pond, UK regional development fund Northern Film & Media (NFM), who you would think as a govt. fund would be slow to move, announced an iPad apps fund the day after the gadget was announced!
— And if there’s a “paradigm-shifting” opportunity, can Kleiner Perkins be far behind with its InsertYourFavoriteInitialFUND? It looks like KPCB is set to announce something tomorrow morning. John Doerr will be there, with his mind-expanding exposition on