SecondShell Adds a Bunch of Useful Tweaks to Windows, for Free

I really love little apps that make my existing software more useful. SecondShell is just such an app; it adds some useful tweaks to Windows (s msft). Particularly useful is how it allows users to toggle maximizing the current window horizontally or vertically just by hitting some hotkeys (Ctrl+Alt+Right arrow and Ctrl+Alt+Down arrow, by default). It’s perfect for those times when you need a bit of extra room in your window — perhaps to see a long line of code, or the whole of an email — but don’t want to have to maximize the window completely and obscure the whole screen. And as it’s a toggle, you can quickly revert back to the window’s original size just by hitting the hotkey again:

Other features include the ability to move and resize windows by clicking anywhere on the window and then using Alt-click to move and Alt-Right-click to resize, to make the Caps Lock key substitute for the middle mouse button (especially useful on laptops), and to minimize windows by right-clicking anywhere the title bar, and to close them by middle-clicking. It also allows you to define your own hotkeys in order to launch up to 10 different applications.

SecondShell is a very lightweight portable app (there’s no install involved — just unzip it and run) so you could easily carry it around on a USB flash drive. It’s free, though donations are encouraged, and works on Windows XP and later.

Do you use any apps like SecondShell? Share them in the comments.

(via Freeware Genius)