Microsoft Successfully Courting Developers for Windows Phone: Study

Microsoft’s (s msft) all-out pursuit of mobile developers is working, according to data released this morning from Appcelerator. The startup, whose tools are used by developers to build desktop and mobile applications, found that of the more than 1,000 developers it polled last week, 34 percent were “very interested” in doing so for Windows Phone, up from a mere 13 percent in January.

While that figure pales in comparison to to developers’ interest in platforms such as Apple’s (s aapl) iPhone (87 percent) or Google’s (s goog) Android (81 percent), it’s solid evidence that Microsoft’s recent attempts to lure developers by showcasing Windows Phone’s abilities is paying dividends. The company earlier this month touted its Silverlight technology and released free developer tools to spur interest in its mobile platform, which is scheduled to come to market late this year. If Microsoft can continue to successfully attract developers to its flagship mobile operating system (without unnecessarily alienating them), Windows Phone could be on the path to becoming a viable alternative to iPhone and Android.

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