April Fools: We’re Not In Google Anymore

Ready your skepticism, world. Today is April Fool’s Day and the web, Twitter and your Facebook pages will likely be littered with hijinks such as Google’s apparent name change to Topeka in honor of the Kansas city that changed its name to Google (s goog) in a bid to win the Google Fiber service. The joke’s on us, though because it effectively puts Google’s experimental fiber network right back at the front of our minds for yet another day. So share the web’s best pranks with us today (I’m enjoying the image of Virgin Media’s fiber-fixing ferrets) and come back to see what’s happening in the comments. In the meantime, enjoy the following ones:

  • Johns Hopkins has apparently changed its name, losing the “s” since it was too hard to get people to use it. From a release announcing the faux change: “We give up,” university President Ronald J. Daniel said. “We’re fighting a losing battle here. And we strongly suspect the extra ‘s’ was a typo in the first place.”
  • Verizon decides to employ a crash test dummy as an executive.
  • Introducing the iCade! Turn your iPad into an 80s-style arcade game ! Offering the ability to turn your “otherwise useless iPad” into a “beautifully retro styled, handcrafted wooden tabletop arcade cabinet and MAME emulator.”

And an innovative glass company has come up with a prescription windshield for race car drivers who need glasses, which I could totally use.