More HP Slate on Video — Looks Good

The iPad (s aapl) is not the only slate that has been capturing attention lately, the HP Slate the company introduced at the CES in January has quite a few getting excited. Another video of the HP Slate has appeared that shows off the nice form and makes a case for filling the gaps left by the iPad. Those gaps are mainly Abobe Flash (s adbe) in the browser and having Windows (s msft) onboard. It looks pretty compelling, but HP has big shoes to fill since the introduction of the iPad.

HP (s hpq) will release the Slate later this year, and it is a touch-enabled tablet running Windows 7. The video demonstrates the user interface shell that HP is using to hide Windows 7 from the user, but we’ll have to see how successful this is. Microsoft tried the same approach with the Origami Experience, a touch shell for Windows that failed in the marketplace.

What users of the Project Origami UMPCs discovered was the same shortcomings that Windows Mobile owners dealt with for years — once you get past the touch interface and have to deal with the OS underpinnings, things fall apart quickly. The user ends up getting completely frustrated, as he or she leaves the comfort zone of the touch world and enters the big, bad non-touch OS. The HP Slate looks really nice and I can’t wait to see one, but it had better nail the interface.

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