Sync Remember the Milk With Outlook

If you’re an Outlook (s msft) user and also a fan of Remember the Milk, you might like to check out SprinxCRM’s OutlookSync for the popular to-do list/task management app. It’s an add-on for Outlook that enables two-way synchronization of tasks between the two apps, and includes support for RTM’s smart lists, which get added to Outlook as categories.

I tried it out and it works pretty well, although the sync process does take quite a while, even with only a few tasks to sync. However, if you’re an Outlook user who likes to keep their tasks in the cloud, it may provide a useful workaround (and if you’re into the cloud, you really should check out our Structure conference in June).

Let us know what you think of SprinxCRM’s OutlookSync for Remember the Milk in the comments.

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