You’ve Got Mail! Amazon Creates Cloud Notification Service

Amazon (s amzn) Web Services has launched its Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS), which allows developers to create a push notification system for applications. The service allows companies to deliver messages to customers of their applications or even to other applications in a couple of different formats, among them HTTP and email. Amazon SNS could be used for system administrators in an IT department (notifying clients if they’re hitting a certain limit on storage capacity or that latency on their service is too high), or it could be used to build out notifications for mobile applications, such as letting consumers when friends check into a location, or when they have new email.

Developers using the service pay per instance, as with all Amazon cloud products. The price includes a per-request, notification delivery and data transfer fee, but developers can get started with Amazon SNS for free. Each month, Amazon SNS customers get the first 100,000 Amazon SNS Requests, the first 100,000 notifications over HTTP and the first 1,000 notifications over email free. After that, prices range from 6 cents to $2 per 100,000 messages sent for delivery and 8-15 cents per gigabyte of data transferred.

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Image courtesy of Flickr user Ed Siacoso (aka SC fiasco)