Ooyala, Kaltura Add Silverlight Support

In terms of user and customer adoption, Microsoft (s MSFT) Silverlight has been playing catch-up with Adobe (s ADBE) Flash ever since it was released back in 2007. But there’s reason to believe that it’s catching on, with online video platforms Ooyala and Kaltura both adding support for the latest version of the rich Internet application framework.
Silverlight is gaining traction, both in terms of consumer installations and adoption by media companies and enterprises for the delivery of web video and the development of web apps. The Silverlight client is now installed on about 60 percent of Internet connected devices, Brad Becker, director of product management for rich client platforms at Microsoft, told us a few weeks ago.
As a result, more media companies and video publishers are seeing it as a viable solution for their online streaming needs, which has led Ooyala and Kaltura to add support for the technology based on customer demand. In a phone interview, Kaltura CEO Ron Yekutiel said that its customers were showing interest in the technology due to its support for advanced DRM and HTTP-based adaptive streaming technology. And a spokesperson for Ooyala says it added Silverlight primarily to support some large International broadcasters who wish to use Silverlight video for their streaming of the World Cup.
Ooyala and Kaltura aren’t the first online video platforms to add support for Silverlight video; competitors such as iStreamPlanet, Origin Digital and ExtendMedia already support the framework for video delivery. However, wider support in the OVP space underlines the notion that Flash is no longer the only option for video delivery on the web.
“Video is becoming pervasive enough now that people are considering more options and putting more thought into the selection process,” Yekutiel said. “HTML5 has taken some of the exclusivity out of Flash already, but whether it be HTML5, Silverlight or any other solution, we’re trying to ensure that we offer the widest selection of options for our customers.”
With support for Silverlight, Ooyala and Kaltura can now enable their customers to distribute videos across multiple platforms and devices. In addition to Silverlight, both companies also support Flash video delivery, as well as standards-based HTML5 video delivery required by Apple’s (s AAPL) iPad.
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