Qik Adds Features With $2 ‘Pro’ iPhone App

Mobile live-streaming video firm Qik has released a new mobile application that is chock full of goodies and will allow its users to add digital effects to their videos on the fly. The new Qik Video Pro application, which is available now in the Apple (s AAPL) iPhone app store for $1.99, combines all the usual functionality of live-streaming mobile apps with a whole host of new features to add pictures to videos, change lighting and even use digital zoom all while recording.
The Pro application not only adds to the real-time visual effects that Qik made possible in its Video Camera application back in January, but ensures they don’t interfere with the quality of the video recording. It also does a better job of keeping audio and video in sync, an issue in other live-streaming apps.
The newest effect, which Qik calls PhotoMix, enables users to select a picture and add it directly into the video during recording. This way users can change the backdrop of their videos or even use still images as pre-rolls or bumpers before jumping straight into a video recording. In addition to PhotoMix, Qik includes a number of other effects, most of which work by changing the color or focus of the video. These include: red only, avatar, mirror, lens, twirl, x-ray, black & white and sepia. The application also enables users to zoom or adjust the brightness of their videos while recording.
The Qik Pro app has all the usual social sharing functionality, including the ability to share recordings on Qik, YouTube (s GOOG), Facebook and Twitter, as well as by email. But the new version sidesteps the problem of sharing with some networks that don’t support longer videos. Rather than attempting to upload videos directly to those networks, the new Qik app uploads them to a secure server farm from which they can be linked or embedded.
Finally, the app allows easy access to videos from the desktop by integrating the Qik-in-Touch feature, with which users can easily download videos from their phone to their computer. To do so, they need only connect to their iPhone through any web browser, and their recordings will be available.
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