When Will the Millionth iPad be Sold?

Via Apple 2.0, online advertising network Chitika now estimates that more than 600,000 iPads have been sold, doubling first day sales as reported by Apple (s aapl) on Monday.

If this rate continues, Apple will likely sell its millionth iPad before both the international and 3G iPad launch. That’s good news, both for current iPad owners, and for the future of the platform.
Chitka Research bases their estimates on the number of iPads seen coming through the Chitika ad network multiplied by “how much of the Internet we see at any given time.” Chitika serves some two billion monthly impressions over 80,000 websites.
Chitika may even be conservative in their estimates. On the day Apple announced 300,000 iPads sold, Chitika estimated 270,000. As to where those iPads were sold, not surprisingly the largest states have seen the greatest sales, with California, Texas, New York, and Florida accounting for more than 20, 8, 8, and 6 percent respectively.
As for when Apple will sell its millionth iPad, it seems increasingly likely that the second wave of iPad shipments for April 12th will help the company reach that milestone. This would be well in advance of a rumored international launch on April 24th, and likely before the 3G iPad ships in “late April.” To put a million iPads sold in a month in context, in January USA Today interviewed IDC analyst David Daoud, who estimates sales for slate and tablet-convertible PCs to be 1.25 million for all of 2010.
For those undecided on purchasing an iPad because of concerns over the viability of the platform, your credit cards can rest easy. The more iPads sold, the more apps and accessories created and sold, which means more iPads sold. The only possible downside of iPad success might be price reductions being less likely. However, that means better resale value when Apple releases the next iPad and you want to upgrade. The greater the iPad sales, the more impetus given Apple to improve the hardware, with things like a faster CPU and more RAM, maybe that rumored camera.
Next up, ten million iPads. How does Christmas sound?