Gmail Gets Nested Labels

Google (s goog) has announced that nested labels are now available in Gmail. It’s a really useful feature that provides an extra layer of organization for your inbox, and should be a welcome addition if you’re used to working with folders in other email clients.
Nested labels are found in Labs, which can be accessed via Settings ->Labs. Scroll down to “Nested Labels,” hit the “Enable” button, then scroll to the bottom of the page and hit “Save Changes.”

You can now indicate label hierarchy by using slashes in the name of the label. For example, let’s say you had a top-level label “work,” and you wanted to add a sub-heading label called “web site project.” You’d simply create a label named “work/web site project.” Note that you can edit the names of existing labels (by clicking the “Manage Labels” link) to add an organizational structure to your existing labels.
On the right is a screenshot showing examples of my nested labels. I’ve used related label colors in order to accentuate the hierarchy — green and blue for work-related items, red and yellow for personal email.
An additional Labs feature, also announced yesterday, is “Message Sneak Peak,” which allows you to preview emails in a pop-up pane by right-clicking on them in your inbox. As with nested labels, to switch it on you’ll need to enable it via the “Settings” tab.
Let us know what you think of nested labels in the comments.
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