Vid-Biz: Microsoft TV, Sony 3-D, YouTube

Microsoft Submits Patent for TV Recommendations; in a recent patent filed with the USPTO, Microsoft has sought to bolster its product offerings with a recommendation engine for TV shows and movies based on user interests. (Go Rumors)
Sony Plans 3-D Public Viewing Venues; Sony, which owns the exclusive 3-D rights to the 2010 World Cup football, has announced that it will open up public viewing venues in a number of countries including Germany and the UK. (Broadband TV News)
YouTube Starts Linking Back To The Blogs That Drive It Traffic; YouTube is introducing a new “as seen on” feature that will credit and link to sources driving traffic to a particular video. (Silicon Alley Insider)
Kyte Is Coming to Your Living Room Through Boxee; the Kyte Boxee App Framework allows you to deliver a fully-branded video experience through Boxee to PCs and television sets. (Kyte blog)
Pioneer One, A BitTorrent Exclusive TV-Series; producers want to finance new show through sponsorship and donations, while distributing it via torrent sites. (Torrentfreak)
Silicon Valley Plots TV Takeover as Web Connections Become Norm; most TV sets for sale by 2013 will be able to connect to the Internet right out of the box, setting the stage for companies such as Google, Yahoo and Intel to make televisions a lot more like computers. (Bloomberg)
UK ISP Says It Will Not Follow Digital Economy Bill Rules; TalkTalk is going to fight disconnect orders for repeat file sharing infringers in court. (Techdirt)