Yahoo News Puts Out An Original Web Series With Reveille

Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) — which is upping the amount of original content on Yahoo News — has now added an original web video series to the site. Yahoo says the series — “Who Knew?” — is supposed to be “easy-to-digest,” and “easy-to-digest” it certainly is with a series of “out-of-the-ordinary facts and information” about the “most talked-about current events of the day” presented by a bubbly narrator. (Yahoo News, by the way, is the top source of online news in this country).
The series comes as Yahoo has hired several prominent reporters for Yahoo News in recent months. This series, however, is being produced by Elisabeth Murdoch-owned TV production house Reveille, which also recently produced a show for Yahoo Shine. Yahoo says the two companies now have a “content production and distribution agreement.”
Toyota Avalon is the sponsor; its branding on the show includes a weekly “comforting fact,” which is supposed to match Avalon’s campaign theme, “Comfort is Back. Travel Avalon Class.”
First up is a clip on the “Shroud of Turin.” The content is too juvenile, the music too upbeat, and the invisible announcer too smiley for my taste, but take a look for yourself here: