Google Buzz Adds Button for Publishers (Including GigaOM)

Google (s goog) launched a new feature for Google Buzz today that makes it easier for web site publishers — including GigaOM — to add a button to their content so that users can directly share it on the Gmail-based social network. We and others came up with a way to do the same thing after the service first launched in February, but it was a kind of a hack, which involved using Google Reader as a way to funnel the blog post through to Buzz. Not only was it a workaround, but it didn’t work for people without Google Reader accounts. Now there’s an official way to do the same thing, and GigaOM is one of the first sites to implement it, along with a number of other publishers including The Washington Post, YouTube and The Huffington Post.
Google Buzz has gotten its share of criticisms since it launched in February, including those centered around privacy concerns — which the service quickly responded to with a series of changes — and some complaints (including some from me) that it was confusing and difficult to use. And it’s not clear how much the service has been growing, since Google hasn’t provided any numbers after saying “millions of users” had tried it out following the launch. Even the Google Buzz team doesn’t seem to have been using it that much lately.
However, part of the reason why people haven’t been using the service more could be that it hasn’t been that easy to post content, something Google has acknowledged in its blog post about the new buttons. Hopefully this new feature will simplify the process, and help readers share content — including ours. If you want to add a Google Buzz button to your own site, you can grab the code to do that here.