Hotspot Finder WeFi Enhances Features for PC and Android

We’ve been all over WeFi for Android since it first appeared, and the useful service just got even better. WeFi is a way to find a Wi-Fi hotspot that meets your requirements. There are more than 56 million verified hotspots in the WeFi database, and new features make it a must-have app on your laptop or supported phone.
WeFi for PC and Android (s goog) devices now allows you to enter an address and find all the Wi-Fi hotspots nearby. The hotspots have verified information that includes the type of location (cafe, library, etc.), whether the hotspot is free, if a password is required and even if a web page is used to access the connection. Crowd-sourcing is used to ensure the database is not only growing, but is verified by the 4 million users of the service.
Maps are now available on to show hotspots onscreen, so finding one is now easier than ever. The maps coupled with the “Find Wi-Fi” feature make getting online easy using the GPS found in most handsets. The maps will show any verified hotspot around the current location when the feature is used.
The free WeFi service is available on both notebooks (Windows and Macs) and phones running Android, Windows Mobile (s msft) and Symbian. Sorry iPhone and iPad (s aapl) users, there’s no support for you.

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