Mobile Gaming Shifts Dramatically To Smartphones In One Year

It’s pretty logical that a phone that can support a higher quality of game play will be used to play more games, but the rate at which it is happening is fairly shocking.
ComScore (NSDQ: SCOR) reported today that the number of people playing games on a lower-end feature phone plummeted by 35 percent over the past year, while the population of smartphone users playing games ballooned by 60 percent. Overall, the shift led the industry to fall by a painful 13 percent. The report compared the three month average ended in February 2010 to the same period a year earlier.
We’ve already seen some evidence of these trends with companies, like Glu Mobile (NSDQ: GLUU) and others, shifting their production to smartphone games as revenues have dropped over the past year. While many have struggled with the change, the good news is that despite the drop, comScore sees the overall adoption of games increasing with the shift to smartphones. “We can expect to see a profound increase in adoption of this activity, both in terms of audience size and overall engagement,” said comScore’s Mark Donovan.
Some supporting evidence:
— Smartphone users are three times more likely than feature phone owners to play games once a month.
— Smartphone users are five times as likely to play games almost every day.
— A third of smartphone owners have installed five or more games, while less than 1 percent of feature phone subscribers have installed that many.
— 13 percent of smartphone owners play a game almost every day vs. 2.4 percent of feature-phone users.