Daily Sprout

Automakers Push for Electric Car Aid: Lobbyists for the auto industry have presented a list of proposals to the Obama administration “that includes tax credits for homeowners to install electrical outlets, more money to build public charging stations, and additional tax incentives for battery makers and car buyers.” — Wall Street Journal
Executive Switch-up at Bright Automotive: Startup Bright Automotive, working on lightweight and aerodynamic electric vehicles, has bumped board chairman Reuben Munger into the CEO seat to help finalize  a strategic partnership. Former CEO John Waters, now serving as vice chairman, will focus more on engineering. — Autoblog Green, Press Release
Coda’s Plan for Smart Charging: Coda Automotive CEO Kevin Czinger says the upcoming Coda electric sedan’s “on-board charging system will let consumers manage when to charge and that it could tie into home energy management software like Microsoft Hohm, which Ford is using for its electric vehicles.” — CNET’s Green Tech
Millennium Technology Prize for Solar Cells: Winners of this year’s Millennium Technology Prize include the inventor of “a variety of solar cells that perform artificial photosynthesis using dyes,” meant to be “cheaper and easier to make and use than their silicon-based counterparts.” — Ars Technica
T. Boone Goes to Washington: T. Boone Pickens testified today at a Ways and Means Committee hearing on the topic of “Energy Tax Incentives Driving the Green Job Economy.” He claims to have already spent $62 million of his money on his quest to get the U.S. off imported oil and onto domestic natural gas. — Greentech Media