Kaltura Adds App Exchange

Kaltura has just launched a virtual marketplace where publishers and developers can exchange plugins, skins, extensions and applications that can be used with its open-source video management platform. The Kaltura Exchange, which is now in beta, enables developers to re-use and share code been written for their own video implementations, while giving publishers an easy way to add functionality without having to build it from scratch.
The new app exchange provides a one-stop shop for tools to augment Kaltura’s video management platform, including for transcoding, player designs, metadata extraction, SEO, monetization and analytics. Apps are split into categories, such as skins, themes and language packs; plugins for the Kaltura video player, remixer and other video tools; client libraries in different programming languages; and stand-alone widgets and apps.
Kaltura, which provides an open-source platform for managing and distributing video online, hopes to emulate the same sort of success that Salesforce.com (s CRM) has had with Force.com, which was built to take advantage of its CRM suite. While many of the initial apps are available for free, Kaltura also gives developers the option to charge service fees and license terms.
A number of technology providers have already added their own applications to the exchange, including 3Play Media, Adap.tv, Artivision, encoding.com, HD Cloud, Microstudi, MindTouch, PLYmedia, rtCamp, Taboola, TikiWiki, Tremor Media, TubeMogul, VideoMarket7, YuMe and more.
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