Silverlight Gets Video Ad Support

Here’s more validation that Microsoft (s MSFT) Silverlight might finally have passed a tipping point as a video delivery platform — with announcements from YuMe and EyeWonder, it now has advanced ad support for publishers that want tools to monetize their video ads using the rich Internet application framework.
YuMe yesterday announced that added support for Silverlight, making its ACE video ad platform and ad network compatible for publishers that wish to use it for placing ads against their video content. To support Silverlight, YuMe transcodes any ads into every player format that is supported by the unit, so even if an ad is made in Adobe (s ADBE) Flash — like most ads are — it can be served against Silverlight video.
Not all units can be served in Silverlight, as some advanced creative can still only be used in Flash. But a YuMe spokesperson says that pre-rolls, post-rolls and mid-rolls can all be served against Silverlight content, which includes about 80 percent of the ad network’s inventory. Separately, if a publisher just wanted to use the ACE platform to manage its own ads in Silverlight, it can do so without joining the YuMe ad network.
EyeWonder also announced support for Silverlight with the implementation of a progressive streaming ad campaign that it deployed along with the Microsoft Partner Network, creative agency Razorfish (s RAZF) and media agency Wunderman. The campaign, which will run on through June, uses Silverlight to provide an engaging user experience, but carries all the same analytics available through EyeWonder for Flash ads.
While YuMe and EyeWonder are the latest to announce support for Silverlight video ads, they are not the only companies providing services for monetizing videos deliver through Silverlight. Ad startup Panache also does Flash-to-Silverlight ad trascoding for publishers that wish to use Microsoft’s RIA platform for video delivery.
Support for Silverlight by ad technology providers comes as Microsoft see broader support for the framework both from publishers and technology providers. The Silverlight client is now installed on 60 percent of all Internet-connected devices, according to Microsoft, and as a result is seeing more demand from publishers that wish to deploy video on the framework. That has led video management platforms like Ooyala and Kaltura to announce support for the framework, as well as consumer electronic chip manufacturers Intel (s INTC) and Broadcom (s BRCM).
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