Updated: Demand Media IPO May Be Happening

Just last month, Demand Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt dismissed the idea of an IPO any time soon during an interview with paidContent. But the FT‘s Ken Li is reporting that the mass content company has hired Goldman Sachs to explore just that and that an IPO could be filed as early as August. No comment when I reached a company spokeswoman tonight — no denial either.
Here’s what Rosenblatt had to say about IPO possibilities during our interview at Demand Media’s Austin offices in mid-March when I asked if an IPO was on the horizon: “At this point, we’re completely focused on growing the business. I’m not just saying that. That’s all we think about. Whatever it is, whether it’s an IPO or something else, we’re just not addressing that right now. Whenever the timing’s right, we’ll go, but not til we’re sure the business is ready for it. That’s my #1 priority: build a scalable, repeatable, growing business and if an IPO’s the right way to go, then that’s how we’ll go. But our investors aren