Evernote Gets an Upgrade: Versioning and Bigger Notes

Evernote is an example of the way the cloud can be leveraged to best advantage. Users capture notes of all kinds — text, images, photos and audio clips — and have them available on every computer and mobile device. Make a note in Evernote and see it on your phone, or on any computer with web access. It is one of the first apps I install on every device I use. Users of the Evernote premium service have gotten an upgrade that adds two improvements that are big — note history (versioning) and larger note limits.
Evernote notes have been limited to 25 MB, a good size but sometimes not enough for those big media files or presentations. This has now been supersized to 50 MB. Note history is something that heavy Evernote users will appreciate. Several times a day Evernote will take a snapshot of all notes in the premium user’s account. This will enable the ability to roll back to earlier versions should an undesirable change be made by the user. Older versions of notes are stored on the Evernote servers, not the local user’s device. It doesn’t impact the local storage at all.
Note history also applies to shared notebooks, where it offers the most benefit. Collaboration efforts often have those working in a shared notebook needing to get back to an earlier version of a team effort. Note history now makes that possible. It is the perfect example of how the cloud should work (for those interested in cloud computing or data centers, check out our Structure 10 conference in June).
The new Evernote features are free to premium users, the best kind of upgrade. It is wonderful to see the Evernote folks looking to improve the service and provide the most benefit to users.
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