MD Cameron Out In Strategic Review

To Prime Ministerial hopeful David, add another Cameron who used to work at ITV – the broadcaster is bidding goodbye to the head of, Dominic Cameron.
ITV (LSE: ITV) tells us Cameron is stepping down. It happens during the company strategy review new chair Archie Norman ordered in January, which is ongoing. Cameron is off to study a course at Harvard Business School.
Online managers will now report to online and interactive director Ben McOwen Wilson directly. “It will be a good and sunny parting of the ways,” Cameron tells us, adding that an undertaking called “Project TIPsy” is focused on exploiting online-TV dual-screen engagement.
Cameron has worked or consulted with a host of online media companies.
ITV was dealt a blow by the prohibition of Project Kangaroo but has contented itself with building unique users and video views significantly over the last year to attract advertisers in the promising web video space. It’s still refraining from signing deals to license UK VOD to third-party web carriers, however.