Android This Week: Skyfire Drops BlackBerry; Droid Incredible Emerges; Nexus One Turns Profit for Google

Android (s goog) is fast becoming the smartphone platform du jour, as mobile browser Skyfire’s decision this week to drop development of its browser for the BlackBerry (s rimm) to concentrate on Android makes clear. As to why, Skyfire’s reasoning, as laid out on its blog, sums it up best:

We see Android as a fast-rising ecosystem, with a rich, totally open developer environment, a healthy app market and a healthy advertising and search ecosystem.  The Android OS has a tremendous amount of interest from handset makers and carriers, and also has a strong need for making the explosion of video more network optimized (Skyfire’s wheelhouse).

Also this week, Verizon (s vz) announced the arrival of the next member of its Android family, the Droid Incredible. The phone is being manufactured for the carrier by HTC, maker of the Nexus One for Google, and is very similar, with an updated 8 MP camera and the HTC Sense interface. It will be available at Verizon stores on April 29, and will sell for $199 with a two-year contract.
And despite speculation that sales of Google’s own branded Android phone, the Nexus One, have been less than brisk, the company disclosed via its first-quarter results that in fact the division has already turned a profit. It added that some 60,000 Android phones are bring activated daily, a princely number by any standards.