Broadband Content Bits: Irish Piracy, Orange Lines, Stats, Real-Time Travel Guides

Irish piracy: So much for lengthy legislation. The informal graduated-response scheme operated in Ireland, after Eircom agreed to music labels’ demands in an out-of-court settlement, is already legal, Ireland’s High Court has re-affirmed in response to a challenge that it breaches data privacy laws. Via Digital Music News.
Orange: BT (NYSE: BT) will take over the telco’s broadband network, allowing Orange access to its larger network so as to extend its ability to compete. VP Bruno Duarte (via Times Online): “We are not satisfied with where we stand with broadband, as our customer base is declining and our performance is poor.” stats: CBS (NYSE: CBS) is trumpeting that it’s finally juicing the music site State-side. Unique visitors have grown 97 percent over the last year (comScore), CBS says,
SimonSeeks: Remember the site’s founder built to take affiliate retail income from reviews provided UGC contributors? Now a “phase two” is adding “real-time travel guides” that “won