Cable Cut Disrupts Internet Traffic in Middle East, Europe

Oh no, here we go again. Two years after a series of cable cuts disrupted Internet and telephony operations in Europe, Middle East and other parts of the world, the word comes of yet another outage. SeaMeWe-4, a cable that connects Europe to the Middle East, has been cut. In case you were wondering, folks from the research firm Telegeography in a press release said that there are only three cables that connect Europe and Middle East (SeaMeWe-3, SeaMeWe-4 and FLAG Euro-Asia) and they take pretty much the same path under the Mediterranean Sea and as a result are equally vulnerable. SeaMeWe-4 accounts for about 89 percent of the total lit capacity, and any outage means trouble. Etisalat, the UAE-based phone company and Internet service provider, says its network has been severely impacted by the cut.