Computing’s Gone Mobile, So Now Make It Pay

ARM, the licensing firm whose architecture is the basis of the processors inside most cell phones, as well as many consumer gadgets, will be touring the country talking about the future of mobile computing over the next few weeks. Before that effort got underway I asked Bob Morris, director of mobile computing at ARM (s armh), for a sneak peak at ARM’s vision of the future, which he shared in the video below.
Morris credits the rise of the web for everything from personal communications to entertainment to enabling companies to create consumption-centric devices like tablets and e-readers, and he expects the next big effort will be around linking secure payments to broadband-enabled devices — be they mobile computers or broadband-connected TVs. He explained the concept in the video below (one PIN associated with all of your devices); you also can read about ARM’s partnership with Europe’s G&D for the nitty-gritty details.