Dr. Horrible is Coming to Blu-Ray

Dr. Horrible is back for more. For more of its fans love and spare change, that is, as the web’s favorite musical is gearing of for a Blu-ray release next month. The disc will feature a bunch of extras, including the previously released Commentary! The Musical, as well as a “making of” and various fan videos. The whole package will sell for a suggested retail price of $19.95 and will go on sale on May 25, with pre-orders starting April 27.
This isn’t the first time Dr. Horrible has gone physical, or retail, for that matter. A DVD of the musical was released in time for the holidays in 2008, and the commentary tracks went on sale on iTunes earlier this year. The musical’s soundtrack has also been on iTunes for some 18 months now, and Jinx is now completely sold out of those Captain Hammer t-shirts.
So how have all those media and merchandise goodies been working out for the Dr. Horrible franchise? Pretty well, apparently: The DVD release sold 60,000 copies within its first six months, according to distribution company New Video NYC. Of course, with Blu-ray now slated for release, one has to wonder what’s next: A 3-D version maybe? We’ve heard that’s all the rage with the kids nowadays…
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