Facebook Shuts Down Facebook Lite

Facebook is not only launching products this week but also killing them. The company said this morning that it will no longer support Facebook Lite, a stripped-down version of its site meant to load faster and be more accessible in places without broadband. As of today, lite.facebook.com redirects to Facebook.
Lite was a short-lived product, having only gone live last September. The most probable explanation for the shutdown is that Facebook has since incorporated technology from Lite into its main product. It also requires continued effort to maintain two web versions — not to mention multiple mobile versions — as the larger product evolves. The company said in a wall post that it “learned a lot from the test of a slimmed-down site.” We’ve asked the folks at Facebook for additional comment and will update if they provide it. Lite had something like 70,000 fans on Facebook (or people who “like” it, in the new parlance).
One reason not to like Lite? It showed limited advertising and was disconnected from features like Facebook pages and applications. Ad Age called it “a black hole for brands.” Not a good idea to irritate the people who pay the bills.
Lite screenshot via TechCrunch.