Broadband Content Bits: iPlayer Dip, ITN Fashion, C4 News, Corbis Ads

iPlayer dip: The BBC’s VOD service posted rare slow growth in March. Total monthly requests grew by only 1.2 million to 117.6 million, while average daily users fell by 90,000 to 1.28 million. See full monthly stats.
ITN Fashion: Another online production – the news agency is pushing out Fashion 411, a brand for video from the fashion world, as an iPhone app and YouTube channel.
C4 News: The channel’s online news commissioner Vicky Taylor is prepping an autumn redesign that aims to distinguish from news rials by celebrating in-depth reporting and analysis over breaking news alerts. Via NMA.
Corbis ads: The picture wire is pitching to the ad market. It’s press-releasing some silly YouGov research showing that 74 percent of web users think banner ads are “boring”. Corbis is touting its catalogue images to advertisers from five quid a pic.