Users Appetite For Social Networking Much Broader Than Facebook When On The Phone

Mobile-phone subscribers in the U.S. spent nearly 60 percent of their time on the phone accessing a social networking site, making the category the most visited by far when on the phone. In fact, time spent on social networks easily exceeds other high-profile sites such as online portals and typically well-integrated carrier sites.
According to Ground Truth, a measurement firm that receives data directly from the carriers and other sources, the average subscriber initiated 68.1 sessions, consisting of 310 pages viewed for a total time of 52 minutes and 12 seconds on social networks from the phone’s browser. The data does not include usage from mobile applications. During the first full week in April, top social networking brands, like MySpace (NYSE: NWS) and Facebook, did fairly well, but the true highlights were mobile-specific brands like MocoSpace, AirG and MBuzzy. In terms of the amount of time spent with an individual site, MySpace averaged 40 minutes; Facebook, 30 minutes, MocoSpace and AirG an hour and a half each, and MBuzzy for one hour and nine minutes.
Other categories didn’t even come close. After social networking, portals (presumably sites like Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) and Google), were only used 13.65 percent of the time; operator portals were even visited less frequently at 9 percent.
Ground Truth’s VP of Marketing Evan Neufeld said in a release: