Facebook Sees Major Outage — Takes Out Partner Site Plugins, Too

Facebook has been inaccessible to many, if not all, users for the last 30 minutes or so. This is incredibly bad timing for the company, which is trying to pitch itself this week as a central part of the web’s infrastructure. Not only is the Facebook.com site down, but error messages are popping up on partner sites using the new social plugins launched this week.
Not to get all I-told-you-so, but after hearing the presentations at Facebook’s f8 this week, the burning question on my mind was: Has Facebook made itself a central point of failure for the web? It appears that the answer is yes.
Meanwhile, jokes are running rampant on Twitter about how long till people tweeting about Facebook take down Twitter. Downrightnow.com is reporting a service disruption of 28 minutes and counting, though just before we hit publish, we were able to load Facebook.com again. We’ve reached out to Facebook about the outage, which says it’s looking into it.
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The Facebook-powered social plugin on CNN's homepage draws a blank (bottom right).