SCOTTEVEST Hoodie: What Has It Got In Its Pocketses, My Precious?

The first time I saw the SCOTTEVEST line of clothing for geeks the electronically-connected, I thought that having up to 28 pockets in a jacket was, well, pretty silly. However, now that I regularly carry a cell phone, an iPod (s aapl) touch, an Overdrive mobile hotspot, a camera, and an e-book reader, I’m beginning to see how having a lot of pockets can be useful.
Simon recommended a SCOTTEVEST hoodie as a stocking filler a few months ago, so I checked out SCOTTEVEST’s sale page, and discovered that the “Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece” was discounted a few days ago. It’s a pretty nice piece of gear. It “only” has 11 pockets, including outside “handwarmer” pockets with surprisingly-nice magnetic catches, a pocket designed for an MP3 player on the left upper arm (but which fits the mobile hotspot nicely), and a several inside pockets, including one that has a clear cover for letting one operate an iPhone without removing it from the pocket. And yes, it has holes and slots for stringing wires from headphones to the interior pockets. The manufacturer’s website includes a short video showing how to string the wires.
My only complaint about the specific hoodie that I bought is that it’s very right-handed, and many of the pockets are not conveniently-placed for me as a lefty. Some of the manufacturer’s other jackets appear to have pockets placed more equally on both sides.
The Ultimate Hoodie Microfleece seems to be nicely warm but not overly so, and I imagine that it will be appropriate for spring and fall days. The manufacturer offers a range of jackets and hoods for warmer and colder weather. SCOTTEVEST also sells trousers, shorts, vests, shirts … and a baseball cap, and some of the clothing line even has pockets large enough for an iPad! Most items look like they would work for either men or women, but a few are specifically designed for women.
The hoodie is stylish, and the myriad pockets are actually useful. I just hope that I don’t run into Gollum while I’m wearing it.
How do you carry your portable devices?