About That NYT Strategy Towards WSJ’s NY Launch …

During the Q1 earnings call last week, New York Times Co. (NYSE: NYT) Janet Robinson was grilled on the company’s plans to deal with the much-ballyhooed New York expansion of the Wall Street Journal — and tried to insist the strategy was to treat the WSJ like all competition. Then she quickly singled out all the reasons the Times should be considered superior to the Journal. The concentration continues with today’s launch of the Journal‘s “Greater New York” including a factoid-and-snark-laden memo to the staff from Robinson and Chairman Arthur Sulzberger; a “dynamite” new TV ad (embedded below for those tired of that talking head series about all the reasons people subscribe); and a PowerPoint (pdf here). That last was thoughtfully provided by the company’s new head of communications Bob Christie, who just crossed over from Dow Jones (NYSE: NWS), sent ahead of his former employer’s press-ad breakfast at The Plaza this morning.
From the memo:
“So as our welcome gift to New York, we pass on a few helpful hints to our Journal colleagues: the Dodgers now play in Los Angeles, Soho is the acronym for South of Houston, Fashion Week has moved to Lincoln Center, Idlewild is now JFK and Cats is no longer playing on Broadway.
If you happen to know anyone who works for the Journal