WWD Reader Profile: Paramvir Singh, Cinematographer

WebWorkerDaily readers are a diverse bunch. Every week, I profile a different reader and ask them to share what they do, how they do it, and some of their favorite hints and tips.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name’s Paramvir Singh, and I’m a President’s National Award-winning cinematographer, shooting commercials and movies in Mumbai. I am also the founder of DesiCreative, which is a community of “unlike-minded advertising professionals.” DesiCreative has grown from when I started it and takes up a good 5-6 hours of my time each day. I also run FTIIPeople, which is a small community I created for my film school, and am part of the founding team of HoldingWilley, a cricket site.

What’s a typical day like for you?

A typical day for me starts at 7 a.m. with a quick check of my email. Then I take a brisk walk before settling down to reply to mail and check my favorite blogs. Then I have to write articles, update comments and add news to my sites. After that, I usually head out to grab a large latte and send some emails, tweets and Facebook messages, set up interviews for DesiCreative and promote new articles/stories/creatives on the site.
Throughout the day, I’ll also be discussing film treatment with my partner Shikha Makan for our film production house, The Three Film Co., which involves more online chat and email exchanges.
Just before calling it a day, I have to check the new updates on the DesiCreative community, answer any queries the users might have posted and promote anything that’s interesting. Phew!
What gear and software do you use, and why?
I use a 15-inch 2.8 Ghz MacBook Pro (s aapl). I love it for its dual graphics card, and I use it to create site artwork, edit show reels and event videos, compress videos for YouTube (s goog), Vimeo, etc., design new features for my sites, create motion graphics and edit my pictures. I mostly use Adobe Photoshop (s adbe), Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple DVD Studio Pro and Apple TextEdit. I also have a local installation of MAMP to test new themes and features for my sites before I upload them. Cyberduck takes care of my FTP requirements. At any given time I have Safari and Firefox open with multiple tabs running, and I rely on Skype for VoIP calls.
I carry a Huawei 3G USB Modem for accessing the web while on the go. My phone is a Nokia E71. It syncs beautifully with Apple iSync, can be used as a Bluetooth modem should my Huawei modem lose its network connection, and great for email, browsing and site maintenance. SyncML helps me sync my E71 to the cloud, so I never fear losing my contacts! I use the inbuilt GPS to geo-tag locations, something which I am working on for my next idea.
What’s your favorite web working tip?
Take frequent breaks! Protect your eyes by looking away from the screen, and get up and walk around bit every half an hour or so to save your back. Work out a lot. Using a trackpad will give you carpel tunnel syndrome — try a good mouse instead.
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