Coming Soon: iPlayer’s Social Upgrade

It’s a shame Erik Huggers even had to respond to the crazy notion that the BBC would somehow look to create a social network out of iPlayer – there are already plenty such things; no point in reinventing that wheel, even putting aside the likely backlash such a move would attract…

But one feature that has been on the drawing board – sharing of iPlayer viewing habits out in to other social sites.

Huggers and Anthony Rose have spoken about this previously and now, we’ve discovered, the feature is actively being tested by BBC developers, who are sharing their favoured shows out of iPlayer to Twitter ahead of its full release…





iPlayer is also likely to offer such sharing out to viewers’ Facebook profiles. The remaining interesting bits…

Will social sites be able to embed the shows, or will the BBC want all traffic directed to (The Beeb is currently nervous about off-site embed syndication, not least because of the added strain all those extra views would place on its servers).

Which social sites will iPlayer plug in to? The BBC’s decision here will likely reinforce the current order of the networks’ popularity.