Daily Sprout

Voila: VW’s Electric Golf Concept: “Volkswagen announced the electric Golf yesterday and made a big deal of having German Chancellor Angela Merkel check it out, but for whatever reason didn’t release a pic of the car until today. Turns out it looks just like a regular Golf.” — Wired’s Autopia

Inching Forward at Bonn: “Mexican and German efforts to bring together delegates from more than 40 countries helped push climate negotiations forward even though they produced no tangible achievement, Germany’s environment envoy said today.” — Bloomberg/BusinessWeek

BP Oil Spill Fallout: “Anti-drilling Democrats pledged on Tuesday to block any climate and energy bill that would pave the way for new oil and gas drilling off the coasts of the United States, stepping up the heat on what was already a contentious issue in the Senate debate.” — Mother Jones’ Blue Marble

EPA Proposes Coal Ash Rules: “After months of deliberation, US Environmental Protection Agency administrator Lisa Jackson announced today the first-ever national rule to regulate toxic coal ash.” — Huffington Post

Chevy Volt Mountain Mode: “General Motors engineers have included a ‘Mountain’ mode in the Chevy Volt to boost the available power,” and help the car climb the steepest grades.” — CNET’s Green Tech