Exclusive Video: Threadsy Launches Message Consolidation Public Beta

Threadsy, a universal social inbox, launched its public beta today, allowing anyone to sign up for its service, which allows users to consolidate e-communications across email, IM, and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook into one inbox.

To kick off the company’s new phase, Threadsy CEO Rob Goldman popped into our offices for an exclusive video chat to talk about the state of social communications. Some highlights:

  • The real inbox clutter comes from optional reading (think: Facebook wall updates, random tweets), and not “required” reading (messages addressed directly to you).
  • Threadsy provides social context around the messages you receive. Get a message from a friend and Threadsy “pivots” to also provide you with a rundown of that person’s recent tweets, posted photos, etc.
  • Goldman recognizes that big players like Google and Microsoft are watching the space and implementing their own solutions (à la Google Buzz). But Threadsy thinks its agnostic approach will be a winner for the company.
  • Now that Threadsy is open, it’s focused on the mobile space and extending its service to people’s handheld devices.


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