Want to Use Read It Later With Chrome? Try Postponer

Unfortunately, there’s no official Chrome (s goog) extension for Read It Later, the nifty app that allows you to store blog posts, articles and web pages to read at a later date. You could use the official bookmarklets, which work with any browser, but if you want an experience that’s more integrated with the browser UI, third-party tool Postponer works nicely.

Postponer actually consists of two extensions: Postponer Adder and Postponer Manager. Postponer Adder provides a button on Chrome’s address bar for adding new pages to your Read It Later account, and also adds a button to articles in Google Reader for swiftly adding them to your reading list. For example, here I’m saving the schedule for our Structure conference.

Postponer Manager adds a toolbar button for accessing and managing the pages stored in your Read It Later account, and can also optionally display an icon showing the number of unread articles.

These extensions are nothing more fancy than a UI wrapper for Read it Later’s official bookmarklets, but they work well and are recommended. If you’re a Chrome user who hasn’t tried out Read It Later, you should — it really is a very useful¬† service, especially when used in conjunction with the iPhone app (s aapl).¬† Read it Later and Postponer are both free.

Let us know what you think of Postponer in the comments.

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